Our Apples

Heirloom MacIntosh


We believe these apples are direct descendants of the original Macs. Over the years many Macintosh strains (estimated 30-40) have been developed in an effort to improve colour, size, etc. However, in doing so, some of the desirable traits have been compromised. Our Macintosh apples have not been cross-bred with any other varieties. These Heirloom Macs keep longer than most and have an amazing flavour. 



These apples have a characteristic red-stripe over yellow skin. They have a unique and crisp flavour that isn’t too sweet or too tart but a perfect combination of both. They are juicy, firm and tender. Great for eating and baking! 



This dark red apple has crisp white flesh with an excellent flavour and great quality. We expect this to become one of our most popular varieties. 



This is a smaller apple that resembles a regular Macintosh in looks as well as both taste and texture. This apple has a mid-October harvest and is GREAT for kids! 



This apple has the look and texture of a tree ripened Delicious but with far superior flavour. Our customers tell us they prefer these apples to honeycrisp. 

Crimson Crisp


Cream coloured flesh and mildly acidic with a rich, spicy flavour, this apple is crisp and juicy. Our customers give us raving reviews on this variety. 



A sweet, crisp apple that originated  in Western Canada. Similar to Golden Delicious and Honeycrisp. Very popular at our orchard.

Apple Butter & Apple Cider


Later in the season we have some of our apples made into the best apple butter and sweet cider you have ever tasted.

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Local Honey


From the award winning local  beekeeper who brings bees to pollinate our orchard each spring.

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